We want to

Promote an Inclusive Society

MindInclusion is an APP co-designed together with people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Its main aim is to support people with disabilities in accessing and evaluating public places according to how much these are inclusive. At the community level, it also promotes social inclusion, equity and accessibility.

Find inclusive places around you

Evaluate inclusiveness of public places

Help us to create more inclusive communities

Who we are

We are a community of not-for-profit organizations, enterprises, research institutions, professionals, and citizens believing that technology can contribute to build more inclusive societies for people with intellectual disabilities through an user-centred approach and the right facilitation mechanisms

What we want

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive involvement of disabled people in the society through the use of the Mind Inclusion APP and Methodology, fostering the competencies of educators and public places managers across Europe.

a comprehensive app

Mind Inclusion for

People with disabilities

Educators and caregivers

Managers of public places

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