Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Centre (OLC) for Educators aims to foster learning opportunities for social professionals and formal caregivers (e.g. educators, social workers, social assistants) working with people with intellectual disabilities. 

The platform aims to create a digital access point to MI educational content, improving skills and knowledge on the role of social professionals as facilitators of the inclusive process of people with disabilities in the community. Furthermore, OLC for educators aims to promote the digital competences of social professionals, create a virtual community of practice by improving collaboration between social work professionals through a tailor-made co-working space to share knowledge and challenges.

Local Learning Centers

Mind Inclusion 3.0 supports the establishment of three Local Learning Centers (LLCs) in Spain, Italy and Romania to support the project methodology and the OLC. Each centre, led by a local manager, professionals, and a common director from Lead Partner, aims at creating a European e-community of practice on MI and social inclusion.

The primary outcome is fostering an exchange of good practices and innovation. The LLCs will benefit social work professionals, individuals with disabilities (PWID), Business users (BUs), and caregivers. Their impact includes strengthening solidarity networks, creating inclusive environments, and empowering people with disabilities.





The MOOC is dedicated to the creation of flexible learning opportunities for corporate users (BUs), who usually lack training in social inclusion. It is designed as an interactive e-learning distance learning programme, which follows the model of a Massive Open Online Course. The objective is to train BUs on improving accessibility and inclusiveness in public spaces for people with intellectual disabilities (PWID). The proposed curriculum within the MOOC covers several aspects, including: physical and cognitive accessibility, the creation of inclusive environments through criteria, the use of MI APP and a greater understanding of the characteristics of PWID.
Offered in four languages (EN, IT, ES and RO), the MOOC aims to reach a wide audience across the EU and beyond. It is expected to foster a community of active BUs promoting accessibility and inclusion and has been developed following a co-creation approach, addressing the specific point of view of the target group.

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