Cooperativa Margherita and Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza worked together to bring fruitful results to the project and relevant information to transfer to the partnership.

Cooperativa Margherita organized two workshops: one for social professionals and one for individuals with disabilities to inform them about the project. Additionally, they conducted two co-creation sessions and one co-validation session with social professionals. With Confartigianato, they also organized and led the same activities with business users (1 workshop, two co-creation sessions and one validation session).

All activities were aimed at analysing and understanding the needs in terms of training for the inclusion of people with disabilities and identifying the most useful tools to support these needs.

Below is also a short video created to inform the BUs about the project and the disseminated information.

Workshops (Italy)

May 3, 2023: Social professionals

May 10, 2023: Business Users

Co-creation sessions (Italy)

June 14, 2023: Business Users

June 21, 2023: Business Users

Co-validation sessions (Italy)

October 9, 2023: Social professionals

November 15, 2023: Business Users

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