Pro Act Support has been actively engaged in involving project targets in Romania. There has been significant activity in organizing workshops and coordinating co-creation and co-validation sessions. Like other partners, activities took place between May (organizing three workshops with business users, social professionals, and PWID) and October (co-creation sessions in June and co-validation in October).

The engagement activities have allowed for the collection of valuable insights to share with other European partners to support the inclusion of people with disabilities!

Collaborative work among partners and with diverse targets is essential to achieving this goal!

Workshops (Romania)

May 16, 2023: Social professionals

May 27, 2023: People with intellectual disabilities

Co-creation sessions (Romania)

June 8, 2023: Social professionals

June 29, 2023: Social professionals

Co-validation sessions (Romania)

October 19, 2023: Social professionals

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