If this peculiar -to say the least- period has made something clearer in our minds, it is certainly that, more than ever, we need technology as a tool to reduce distance between people.

In order to get closer to their audience, indeed, the Mind Inclusion partners have decided to create a dedicated Facebook page for the project, as well as the Mind Inclusion App!

The aim is for the page to be a platform where to communicate news on the project, the App, all related European Union actions, related initiatives for disabled persons, and so on – so to inform, disseminate news and communicate with the public more directly.

The project focuses on finding sustainable and inclusive solutions to help caregivers improve their skills, on one hand, and allow disabled individuals to participate in social life on the other hand. The App that the project is developing wishes to help the Intellectual Disabled Person to have access to public spaces and to exercise their rights.

Mind Inclusion 2.0 is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission which started in November 2018. The project consortium gathers leading partner Margherita: Società Cooperativa Onlus (Italy) together with Polibienestar Research Institute, INTRAS Foundation (Spain), Social IT Software & Consulting Srl (Italy), Lietuvos sutrikusio intelekto zmoniu globos bendrija «Viltis» (Lituania) and ALDA.



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